The top 10 rules for the next generation of liberty movement leaders (part 4 of 4)

This is the fourth installment of a four-part series in which Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, presents his 10 powerful rules for the next generation of liberty activists, bloggers, journalists and truth-tellers.

After fighting for truth and liberty for over 15 years as one of the world’s top publishers, Adams has created a formula that can help anyone navigate the attacks, censorship, slander, and intimidation that’s dealt out by the corrupt institutions of government, corporations and media.

In a recent podcast, Adams laid out these rules which he believes are invaluable in helping our next generation of truth-seekers and truth-tellers to navigate the pitfalls and dangers of speaking up for liberty and freedom.

Previously, Adams noted that one of his rules is that liberty movement leaders who use the Internet to spread the truth about freedom should “plan to have all of your monetization cut off” — that is, every mainstream mechanism you try to utilize in order to fund your sites and organization.

“You wouldn’t believe how many times this happens in the liberty movement,” Adams says in his podcast.

Moving on, Adams — the creator of,,, (the search engine for alternative media), and host of hundreds of websites authored by the some of the liberty movement’s most prolific authors — said one of his rules is that liberty leaders should never “backstab” others in the movement.

“That’s going to come back to haunt you,” he explained.

“There are certain people in this movement who are just egomaniacs who can’t stand anyone else being successful other than themselves,” Adams continued. As such, “they actively destroy anyone around them who becomes popular or effective.

“This kind of thing goes on, and it’s very sad to see it, but it does exist,” he said. Adams’ advice: If you’re going to be a leader in the liberty movement, “be someone who is just collaborative in helping other people, instead of trying to destroy everybody else around you.”

By contrast, Adams goes out of his way to help others just getting started in the movement or even those who have been established for some time, not only because it’s the right thing to do but because it advances the cause of liberty. If we all do well, he believes, then we have a much better chance at restoring freedom and liberty across a wider spectrum.

In addition, Adams knows that the movement needs many voices, not fewer voices, and those should be diverse: Men and women, as well as liberty seekers from all walks of life, all ethnicities and all backgrounds.

Another rule the Health Ranger seeks to convey is this: Never use your website, radio show or other platforms to call for violence. Noting that leaders should always call for “peaceful revolution” whenever possible, Adams said.

“I know sometimes its tempting” to call for violence “because the government works by coercion and the threat of violence all the time,” he says, but it’s just not wise to put yourself in that position.

Remember that the government — even local governments — have many more resources at their disposal they can use to shut you down, arrest you, jail you, or find other ways to take away your freedom and your ability to make a living. Calling for violence against government entities is one sure-fire way to draw all the wrong kinds of attention to your cause.

“We believe in non-violent revolution wherever possible,” Adams said.

You should take the time to listen to Adams’ complete “10 rules” for the next generation of freedom movement leaders by clicking here and viewing the video below.

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