Free Your Mind: A powerful new “Red Pill” video from Mike Adams teaches you how to DE-hypnotize yourself

I’ve just released another powerful “Red Pill” video that teaches you how to de-hypnotize yourself from the world of hypnotic language, social influence and neurolinguistic programming that hopes to keep you enslaved.

This is a must-see video for anyone wanting to be truly free. It explains the existence of an “automatic language processor” in your brain which is exploited by fake news media monopolists to make you believe their lies. It works be activating your language parsing neurology without your consent, causing your brain to imagine sensory details about utterly fabricated events in a way that’s so real, you actually believe you have witnessed reality.

Until you understand how your hard-wired neurology is being expertly manipulated by the fake news media to push false propaganda and a false reality, you can never truly be free.

This video is exclusively available on Watch it at the following link, or play it below:

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