HORRIFIC VISIONS: The 5- and 10-year “National Socialist” plans of Stalin, Hitler, and Ocasio-Cortez are really just evil communist plots for absolute government tyranny

When something sounds way too good to be true, it is. The “Green New Deal” now propagated by a former bartender turned Congresswoman overnight is wrought with ideas so far-fetched and reckless that anyone in their right mind would recognize it as being no more realistic than a 10-year plan for world peace, flying pigs and unicorns, concocted by a sophomoric, Soros-backed supernova politician. What makes the whole thing even more insane is that the leading Democrats are “all in” for it.

Natural health enthusiasts are the first to recognize this as an outright communist plan to destroy everything we hold sacred in America, including our right to own land, buy and grow organic food, spread the truth about natural remedies, and protect our rights to do so with words, votes, and guns. But AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is having none of it. She’s declaring that the rich will be taxed at 90 percent in order to give all their money to people who are “unwilling to work.” And that the rest of the working class will be taxed at 70 percent to pay for train tracks across the 30,000-foot-deep oceans, so we can get rid of all airplanes in order to save the world from global warming (even though we’re in a slow cooling phase).

Stalin’s first “5-Year Plan” in 1928 concentrated on rapid economic industrialization in order to “save the country” from surefire destruction

Joseph Stalin’s “Five-Year Plan” began at a snail’s pace, and increased the mass production of the essentials he declared were necessary to save the country, like iron, steel, and agriculture. All failed to reach the “required targets.” Factory workers were to blame and the peasants were quitting their jobs under all the pressure to produce at unfathomable rates.

Still, Stalin promised higher wages to encourage increased output at the industries. Yet, more repressive measures came down like a sledge hammer, and Stalin began accusing “lazy” workers of trying to sabotage the 5-Year Plan. Those found guilty were simply shot in the head, or sent to forced labor “camps” for social rehabilitation (basically concentration camps) so they could learn to be more obedient and committed to the gross domestic product.

This really meant forced labor building train tracks in freezing Siberia and mining for gold. Many people sent to these forced labor death camps were members of outlawed political parties and priests. In other words, if you opposed the Socialist tyranny in any way, whether through political views or religious views, you became a prisoner of the state and forced into nightmarish labor, tortured, and eventually killed.

Stalin’s real long term plan was to completely eliminate all private businesses, increase violence and disregard for culture, consolidate power, and eradicate the former political parties. He expanded the Gulags as they became an indispensable “sector” of the economy.

The socialist “dream” was empty of all human meaning and became nothing more than a reduced mechanical formula for a police-state tyranny that ruled over helpless serfs.

America’s Leftist “Green New Deal” 10-Year Plan insidiously resembles Hitler’s 4-Year Plan of installing National Socialism

Hitler’s Germany had much in common with a socialist state. Rooted in a big lie of utopian socialism, Hitler used the pitfalls of economic depression, scapegoats (blaming the Jews for everything wrong with Germany’s economy), and a plan of economic radicalism, to feed on the people’s imagination of a better world.

He convinced millions that it would be “for the greater good” to exterminate children with autism (mental challenges), handicapped people, and the elderly. They were all considered a burden on society and the economy. Hitler published millions of leaflets and posters purporting this eugenics propaganda in order to win the people’s minds.

To match his scientific declarations of the time, Hitler’s policies included forced euthanasia, sterilization, organ harvesting, and medical experimentation on any undesirables (sounds just like Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables”).

Today, we see the Democrat Death Cult pushing new laws for live-birth-abortion (think New York Democrats here), gun confiscation (think all Democrats here), religious persecution, forced vaccination (think California here), swat-style FBI arrests of any dissenters of the Deep State (think Roger Stone here), removing “God” from swear-ins (think Nancy Pelosi here), labeling all patriotism and support for President Trump as terrorism and White Supremacy, and calling the MAGA slogan the new Swastika.

You see, the real reason AOC has declared that the world will end in 12 years if we don’t drastically change everything about our economy, fuel use, and farming, is really a communist con to vote for tyranny, total destruction of our infrastructure, and the elimination of the middle class. The 10-Year-Plan is really a permanent plan to turn the United States in to one huge Venezuela, where we’re all peasants, engaged in forced labor, with no weapons, no decent food, no working medicine, no religious thoughts, no police, no courtrooms, no border security, and where we’re all bowing down to the oligarchy (New World Order).

Tune in to Trump.news for updates on the latest Democrat Death Cult, their FBI Gestapo, and the purported lies and deception under the guise of National Socialism and the “Green Greed Deal.” The new Hitleresque Deep State Left in America already has control of all mass media (bar a few Fox shows like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson), all social media, Google and YouTube. Know your rights and know your enemy!

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